Day 57: Self-Victimization Corrections

I commit myself to, when and as I face a point of change within my environment and position within the system; losing my job, see within myself the responsibilities of what is required by me to ensure my financial future and breathe. I do not accept or allow myself to react within me towards what is required to be done through attaching negative emotional energies to the responsibilities, I instead let it go with every moment of breath, and, if there is something I want to express, I write it down, investigate that which I experience within me- self forgive myself and correct me

I commit myself to, when and as I see thoughts arise within myself together with emotional energies in relation to change in my world- stop within and as myself the urge to speak to others that which I have not directed within myself as I realise that all thoughts and emotions in relation to outside separate manifestations is blame in nature, the abdication of self-responsibility and self-victimization and instead- breathe and correct myself to ensure I do not self-victimize myself in thoughts or words in conversations

When and as I see within me the fear of loss—realize see and understand that what is being shown and revealed is actually a fear of losing myself in that which I’ve defined myself in separation to- that I do not own or possess anything and in that, see that which I am holding onto as a personality of mind that does not stand within the principle of oneness and equality and stop the possession of myself in the fear of loss through self forgiveness and self correction

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel sick within me when exposing myself to me as a self created victim in utilizing self –victimization to continue to blame who I am on past memory moments and manipulate myself to avoid certain situations and events to maintain and control who I am and how I experience myself in relationship to others within the polarity of ‘victim’ and ‘authority’ wherein I always avoid the feelings of being inferior and move towards a position of superiority and arrogance- which conflicts with how I view myself and how I want to view myself as not participating in power games of superiority/inferiority because that is bad, wrong and immoral- and in this justify within myself the feeling of being sick with myself which I use to prevent me from seeing clearly, directly who I am and what I have accepted and allowed myself to become one and equal to and instead, I commit myself to stop within myself all forms of judgment, self-doubt, and emotional energetic experiences as I realize that all are defense mechanisms of the mind to protect self-victimization and its benefit to the mind instead of standing up, breathing, and stopping within me all reactions, thoughts and experiences through self honesty, self forgiveness and self correction

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