Day 51: Art Memory part 3- Corrections

I commit myself to consider, when my mom gives me recognition/compliments/approval within the words ‘you are the best in the world’- my position within this world as being supported by the fact that I was born into a country and family that is supported by money and therefore I have an opportunity to express myself with art and that the same opportunity is not given to all children and people equally and thus, does not make me more than or better than others

I commit myself to consider who my mother is within words that express a compliment and in that, when she says to me I am the best in the world- that she is saying it based on her programming and out of ‘love’ for me which is not based on reality but on experiences within herself and thus, not take what she is saying personally

I commit myself to expand myself to consider the word ‘world’ as the physical world and the physical relationships that exist within it instead of only my perception of the world and how I feel about myself in relation to my world

I commit myself to stop within myself the belief that I am more than others as I realize, see and understand that being more is a condition of programmed inequality that I accepted and allowed to become part of my self-definition to maintain and support a system of inequality where a very few have and the majority of people suffer

I commit myself to take responsibility for who I am instead of abdicating me towards a memory and my mother through holding on to the memory with my mother instead of taking back my power and self-directive through applying self forgiveness, self correction and application

When and as I see thoughts come up within myself of showing my mother my art so that I can feel good, I stop, I breathe, I do not accept or allow myself to look for recognition outside of myself within my mother as I realise I am one and equal with my mother

I commit myself to stop judging and comparing myself to others as I realise that I am confirming a self-definition of myself as more or less than others wherein I move myself into a position of superiority and arrogance- as a personality of mind that proliferate inequality and abuse within this world one and equal and thus whenever judgment or comparison of myself towards others come up within me, I stop, I breathe I ground myself here and speak the words: I do not accept or allow myself to participate within judgment and comparison

I commit myself to stand one with and equal to the act of drawing and painting instead of making it ‘more than’ me- through remaining here in every moment of breath as the expression of who I am

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