Day 46: Ignorance part 2: Knowledge

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing the excuse ‘I cannot write when I have this emotional energetic experience because what I will write will not be supportive and further compound the experience’ instead of realizing that within such a statement, I hold and lock myself within past memories moments as justification for who I am and what I am accepting and allowing within myself I realize cause harm within me, others and within this world as a whole

I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to realize the polarity equation within holding myself hostage as a past memory moment of knowledge and information, that create the opposite of wanting and needing another point placement of what to do/ how to do it through searching within myself any point of reference , knowledge or information that I could use to help me walk through this point and seeing that there exist no such point and do nothing as it is the same excuse- instead of trusting me within and as breathe to sort out, direct and face myself within my acceptances and allowances

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to place trust within knowledge and information of the mind I have become that is not life or living and all that I have come into contact with as my memory has never existed as what is best for all and thus I cannot trust anything that come up within me of ‘what to do’/’ how to do it’ because in knowledge and information I see that I only ‘understand’ a point and within that do nothing as only understanding is apparently enough and ok instead of realizing the ignorance of apparent knowing without the actual application of Living understanding within the principle of oneness and equality where in only accepting and allowing myself to exist as knowledge and information I accept and allow a world in which human beings believe they ‘know’ and do nothing about the atrocities that are happening each and every single day

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to give my power away to an emotional experience of energy instead of standing up within myself, look at what it is I am revealing to myself as the nature of why I am experiencing this emotional energy and face, direct and sort out myself through writing, self forgiveness and self correction

I commit myself to, within the awareness of who I am as my thoughts, words and actions consider the impact and influence they have on myself and others

I commit myself to, when it is I see a reaction within myself as the awareness of what I am actually thinking and participating in, consider the consequences of my acceptance and allowance within the personal, interrelationships and world

I commit myself in will and dedication to sort myself out within self honesty as I am able to direct me and stop the further compounding of emotional energetic experience through taking a step back within myself through asking direct questions and giving self-advice in how to correct, walk through and apply myself

I commit myself to stop giving my power away to an emotional experience of energy within ignorance of myself as ‘I don’t know what I’m experiencing’ and ‘I don’t know what to do’ and instead write my thoughts, words and actions down on paper, write it out, self forgive myself and apply self corrective statements


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