Day 44: Testing in Education

I shared an article today on how the British prime minister wants to implement testing on kinder-garden students as young as 5. I agree with the teachers that testing 5 year old’s will have a negative impact on their self-image and learning disposition. To test children as young as 5 pre-determine how they will feel about themselves later on in life and will lay down for them a foundation of experiences they won’t even have the vocabulary to describe. Testing is a way to install inequality into a child’s mind because testing is not neutral or practical. Testing is associated with negatives/positives; children will pick up how they are being treated based on their scores and believe that ‘who they are’ is defined by environmental factors we as adults may not even be aware of. Tests aren’t practical because we don’t actually use the data to improve our education system or the way we are teaching, the child just moves onto the next class and the next teacher. Testing installs inequality because it creates the belief that some children are better than others, which isn’t true. Children can all learn the same point they just learn at different speeds. Every child within the education system is compromised because it’s based on a standardized model instead of the system adjusting to support the needs of children and how they actually learn. Children don’t learn the same way as adults do. The education system isn’t set up to actually educate children, it’s to provide a working force of middle class citizens who will accept their fate of repeating mundane repetitive tasks just as they have been taught in the classroom. We teach our children to sit down in this confined space, control your boredom and repeat.


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