Day 34: Words and Definitions SF

I would like to become more effective with my vocabulary and reading comprehensions skills. When I bring back memories from the past, I see how much my vocabulary played a significant role in my self-esteem and self confidence. How I experienced myself back then influences me today, but it serves as a gift in a way that I can apply myself in becoming equal to words and their definitions. I often compared myself to my twin brother, where we would have our homework and how it would take me twice sometimes three times longer than him to complete it, and still receive grades lower than his. I didn’t realize at that time how the natural learning ability worked, and how it’s not understood by our educators- instead I felt stupid that I didn’t understand things the first time and thus took longer to integrate the information. Everyone learns at different speeds and everyone can learn the same point equally. That’s why it makes no sense to compare myself to others, because what I see in others are points I can apply myself to become more effective in reading and vocabulary  instead of just accepting who I am as less than that. Expanding my vocabulary and reading comprehension requires daily application in consistency.

I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to take the initiative to expand my vocabulary through writing words down that I don’t know and reading up the definition, to implement a structure in my daily participation to ensure I am educating myself consistently as I realise this is how I learn

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to stop at words I don’t know while reading, and justify not looking up the definition within the belief that I will understand what the word implies given the articles context. I realize see and understand that my understanding of the article is compromised within not understanding that one word because I will then have to assume what is being said and come to conclusions in my mind where I realize that I am not equal to understanding the article and in that I start to doubt me and not trust me instead of pausing for a moment to ensure I understand the word and taking it down to integrate the word into my vocabulary so when the word comes up again I will understand what is being said/spoken

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to ignore and suppress myself when I see myself in terms of words, vocabulary and reading comprehension in how I would like to expand myself. Instead I commit myself to read, write and look up definitions of words I am not familiar with daily and consistently

I commit myself to take the initiative to educate myself in reading and vocabulary daily and consistently as I realize see and understand the importance of words and how they influence and determine my self esteem, self confidence and self-trust.

I commit myself to structure into my day a space where I research, define and practice my vocabulary

I commit myself to look up words I am unfamiliar with while reading articles to ensure that I understand what I’m reading as it is intended and not left to interpretation, assumption and conclusions that compromise me

I commit myself to, when I see a point where I can apply myself in reading and vocabulary, actually change myself to take the necessary steps and integration of what I see I can specify my living and participationImage

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