Day 33: Compromise part 3: Corrections

I commit myself to stop participating in obsessing over what other may possibly think and feel and over how I think and feel because I realize how invalid thoughts and feelings are in physical reality because they have nothing to do with reality and exist only to serve self interest that produce a world of horror. I stop, and apply living in consideration of what is required to be directed in every moment, in common sense, that what I live as solutions can be accumulated to fit a global structure in what is best for all.

I commit myself to stand up within thoughts emotions and feelings that pop up through speaking the words within myself ‘I direct me, I will not accept and allow thoughts emotions and feelings to direct me, who I am as Life is not emotions/thoughts/feelings.

I commit myself to stop suppressing myself in conflicting scenarios with others, focus on my breathing and apply what I see in the moment is required by me to be done and said

I commit myself to, after a conflicting situation took place where I see myself going into suppression wherein I avoid and hide I STOP- I do not accept or allow myself to suppress me in an attempt to avoid, hide and escape my responsibility. Instead I look at the fear- see what it is, take responsibility for me in finding and living practical solutions

I commit myself to stop when I see thoughts popping up within my mind of what I can do, how I can help make another happy and how I can brush whatever the conflict is under the table through volunteering my time and effort- I realize that volunteering my time in effort in trying to make others happy is impossible because I can’t make another feel something as we are all responsible for ourselves and create what we experience. I realize see and understand that this is another way to avoid responsibility of dealing with the emotions and feelings within me and so I stop and apply myself in writing, self forgiveness and self correction

I commit myself to stop blaming others when I realize I have compromised me, I realize that How I got here in the first place, and ensure that I do not repeat the same mistakes. I realize see and understand the importance of understand the how’s and why’s to how I live, because in understanding answers to those questions I give myself the opportunity to set into motion a new way of livingImage

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