Day 25: Energy Hiding and Visibility Corrections 3

I commit myself to, when an energetic experience of fear and anxiety come up within me in relation to being visible, look at the experience and see what memory moments of the past come up which represent the same or similar point I had walked through in the past that had layered itself over time and face, sort and direct the points

I see realize and understand that the negative emotional energies that come up within me in relation to being visible, is actually a protection mechanism I have designed and created within myself as Polarity where I will always suppress the negative emotional energies and generate positive emotional energy. I see realize and understand that when I experience emotional energies in relationship to something/someone outside of me, I am actually blaming that something/someone through abdicating my responsibility of me onto them so that I can continue existing in my want of positive emotional energy generation, instead I commit myself to stop both the negative and positive emotional energies within myself towards outside separate manifestations

I realize see and understand that I do not need or require emotional energies generated within the mind to move and direct me here in self responsibility, that who I am as life is not e-motion, so whenever I experience the movement of energy within me I say to myself: I am not this energy, this energy does not define who I am, I am breath, I direct me, I move me until it has passed.

I realize see and understand that I have defined myself in separation through defining me within emotional energies that has formed an addiction and thus, I commit myself to stop the addiction to energy through standing up from within it, understand how it has been designed, apply writing, self forgiveness and self correction.

I realize see and understand that when another presents me with a smile, ‘hello. How are you’ that I do not know, and can never actually know what they are thinking or feeling, and that my interpretation only exists so that I can generate a positive, uplifting energetic high. I realize that all gestures from one person to another always reflect ones relationship to themselves. I commit myself to actually appreciate myself and care for myself through stopping the addiction to the positive energetic high’s in relationship to others through taking responsibility for myself in living care and living appreciation of not tormenting the body with emotional energetic experiences- and really listen to what another has to say, hear them and be present when socializing with others

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