Day 24: Hiding and Visibility Part 2- Corrections

I embrace me, as all that I am, all that I have thought and spoke, felt and exerted, done and not done, said and not said- as I realize this is the first step to change, to embrace all that I am- so that I am able to look at myself self-honestly, directly, clearly, without judgment, to start to identify who I am, where my thoughts originated, where I come from , how I created myself, what I am accepting and allowing within me, and thus within this world, as this world is a reflection of who we are and what we accept and allow- to then with understanding and seeing within myself how I created judgment, through my education, participating within what has been passed onto me- to stop the cycle through applying writing, self forgiveness and self corrective application

I commit myself to take the words spoken within myself, as thought, or words spoken towards others that is of judgment/ridicule, and reflect those same points back to myself, as judgment reflect fear within oneself, as that which I judge is superimposing my mind onto this physical reality, creating this physical reality within and through the starting point of fear, I commit myself to look at the judgment to identify the fear, where it started, what it represents, what emotional energies are involved, why I accept and allow myself to hold onto this fear, self forgive myself and correct the point here

I commit myself to make an informed decision of who I am and who I will be through looking at all possible outcomes, outflows and consequences of my decisions and see if that align to the principle of what is best for all, wherein I see, realize and understand that through participating, accepting and allowing judgement, I am/become unable to see clearly and process new information, I am/become unable to investigate all things and apply common sense, wherein I take and hold the stance of superiority, wherein I drive myself into and towards isolation and thus when I accept and allow judgment, I am going to end up where I am headed and that road is not what is best for all, I commit myself to make the commitment and stand absolute in stopping all Judgment within me and live solutions

I commit myself, to when any judgment/ridicule come up within me, stop, as I am able and capable of letting it go, as I do not require to first write and then stop, I am able to take the initiative and opportunity within me now and say Stop! I will not accept and allow myself to participate in judgment or even speak the words aloud, I stop, breathe, direct me

I commit myself to build self trust within me, through the constant, consistent application of change, through applying in every opportunity that present itself, living the decision absolutely, and if I fall, I go back to the drawing board

I commit myself to investigate all wants, needs, desires, preferences, likes/dislikes, opinions, beliefs, in brainstorms on paper, self forgive myself for separating myself into and within relationships in separation of me here, where I have allowed and accepted myself to believe and perceive that for instance, to experience joy I must be at this environment or with these people, instead of realizing myself as self-joy here. I commit myself to direct me, instead of accepting and allowing myself to be directed by the above listed

I commit myself to stop self compromise and the compromise of others/animals/plants, through the guise of free-choice, the freedom to choose to live in self-interest only, choosing feeling over fact, and instead I commit myself to see where it is I am compromising me/compromising others as me, see where it is that I must apply myself and do it, live here in responsibility to this physical existence

I commit myself to push myself to stop the addiction to energy within relationships I’ve created within me to gain emotional highs and lows that generate and feed my mind instead of living in consideration and in responsibility of what is here and what requires direction

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