Day 23: Hiding and Visibility part 1 Corrections

I commit myself to face myself within this process to expose and correct the patterns and programs of behaviour that I have accepted and allowed within my education and within the education within this world, to stop the fear of standing up as I realize see and understand my responsibility within changing myself and willing myself to stand to make an impact, and that it is possible because I see the impact Consistency in action has made on my life

I commit myself to stop the thoughts within my mind as I realise that all thought is actually always about self where no one or anything else exists even if I have a thought about another, if I actually have a look and see in self honesty- its always in relationship to me and how I experience myself and thus, I commit myself to when I have a thought pop up within my mind in relation to standing up, I stop, take a step back, have a look at the thought and write it down, investigate where it came from and what memories and emotional energies are connected to it and prepare myself to when a similar situation arise- walk through it

I commit myself to stop giving my power and strength away to fear of standing, through consistently applying myself to walk through the fears, doing it anyway, and letting the emotional experience or feeling go, utilizing my breath to support and stabilize me here, and consider that I am showing and revealing to myself a gift in that moment as it present itself as an opportunity to expand and refine in specificity who I accept and allow myself to be in that moment

I commit myself to stop all excuses and justifications to blogging through structuring and organizing my day and responsibilities to ensure I prioritize what requires direction

I commit myself to walk through all past memory moments and future projections within this point of fear of change, loss and future so that I no longer use those past memory moments and energies until I no longer waver in my standing


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