Day 18: commitment to write

I commit myself to walk through all excuses and justifications for not standing up and speaking up for what I see is Not Best for All- when any thought arise within my mind in regards to living in the consideration of all Life I immediately stop, capture the thoughts emotions feelings memories and write it down, self forgive myself and correct myself in daily application

I commit myself to speak up and write publicly my process of educating myself, questioning reality, and walking the correction of behaviours and patterns that have been passed on to me which I accepted and allowed as ’who I am’, ‘the way it is’ and thus accepting my fate and the fate of this world in spite of the fact that billions of people and animals alike suffer- I commit myself to express the power and strength each person has to stand up and say :this is not acceptable

I commit myself to walk the Journey to Life Blogs for the next Seven years

I commit myself to stop all fear within myself and within this world as that which fear does not actually exist or have any regard for Life and I commit myself to expose Fear as the fear of self and the reflection of self as what this world has become through daily consistent application of sharing news, blogs and writing.

I commit myself to stop waiting and hoping for someone else to take responsibility for themselves and this world through taking responsibility for myself through sorting myself out first and prioritizing Life in equality in All ways and thus, I commit myself to the realization that this is actually possible to change and make an impact

I commit myself to read the blogs of my fellow destonians who’ve been walking the process and thus are now our living examples of the process of walking to life day by day as a way to support myself in the how-to’s of going about blog writing

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