Day 16: Individual 2

I commit myself to stop relying and placing trust in others to support me, give me guidance, motivate and direct me because I realize that I am capable of supporting, directing and moving myself through the process of taking responsibility for me through writing, self forgiveness and practical application.

I commit myself to, when I see there is a point outside of me showing me that I require movement, direction and support, investigate what it is, how to do it and implement what it is I must do through daily application until I am equal to the point. I commit myself to investigate all fears, thoughts, emotions, memories that pop up as excuses and justifications for why I do not have to change and correct myself to a point of equality with another

I commit myself to become stable and consistent within my application because I realise, see and understand that I am not actually Living when I require someone to tell and show me what to do

I commit myself to stop the relationships I have designed within my mind that will always only secure and protect myself in self-interest only

I commit myself to live discipline, dedication and self will in consideration of All Life

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