Day 12: Guilt corrective statements 1

I commit myself to stop the guilt character immediately as it comes up to ensure that I do not allow myself to procrastinate, postpone and hide from the change that is required, taking self-responsibility for the pattern in how it was created thus, seeing the situation directly


I commit myself to stop allowing myself to sleep when the guilt character steps forth from within me- I stop, breathe and see the situation as it actually is without judgment. I commit myself to take self-responsibility through directing me in what is necessary to be changed.


I commit myself to investigate the point of taking pleasure in getting an emotional rise from others and the conflict to see how this pattern plays out and where I am secretly participating in this behavior, what feelings do I get and stop participating, because I realize that playing out these games within myself I am acting in my own self interest/greed and accepting and allowing abuse towards others in my world is unacceptable


I commit myself to expose the morality system I have adopted as my own from the knowledge and information that has been passed down to me, and all morality systems currently within our current social system as it does not serve what is best for all and thus cannot be trusted. I commit myself to stop seeing myself within ‘good’ and ‘bad’ as what has been taught to me, and stand up in living practical common sense.

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  1. Maya says:

    Cool Self Support Sally

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