Day 5: Self commitment statements: Time

I commit myself to stop all thoughts that come up within my mind of feeling sorry for myself in regards to the time I must dedicate to work and in that, I commit myself to stop all emotions/feelings that come up within me towards work and time

I commit myself to step out from within the mind of categorizing time within negative/positive, ‘my time’/’work’ and start living here, taking each breath in awareness of me and the details of my physical body experience and environment

I commit myself to stop judging work and all of its associations as negative through using these moments where judgments come up to reflect back onto myself and see where and how I am able to direct me

I commit myself to start using my time more effectively, to stop using work as an excuse to not use my time effectively at home

I commit myself to really push myself to become more effective with my time especially in the mornings and nights of my afternoon shift

I commit myself to allow and accept myself to relax, as I realise that to be able to relax is not dependant on my environment or situation

I commit myself to take responsibility for the experiences of boredom and the fear of being alone through becoming intimate with me by sharing with me the details and specifics of these points to further apply myself at work to remain present and here in breath

I commit myself to push through the experiences of feeling alone and bored

I commit myself to limit the use of my time towards:

Ÿ  Picking my face

Ÿ  Putting makeup on pointlessly

Ÿ  Reduce movie watching

Ÿ  Laying in bed

Ÿ  Reading irrelevant celebrity news

Ÿ  Wasting time scrolling through face book

I realise that these points do not accumulate to a life I would value living

I commit myself to:

Ÿ  Write blogs

Ÿ  Work on my assignments

Ÿ  Draw

Ÿ  Talk to people

Ÿ  Read and share relevant news

Ÿ  Work on renovations

Ÿ  Read, read  those sharing their journey to life blogs

Ÿ  Clean, maintain laundry, cook, eat

Ÿ  Structuring a direction for myself in terms of work/school

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