Will laws be DELETED and replaced with LAWS that all can actually understand that is best for all?

All people in an equal money system will actually understand Law because the principle by which all laws exist will be ‘What is Best for all’. It’s simple, easy to understand. The purpose of law is to provide a guideline of how to live, how to co-exist with each other that benefit everyone involved. It doesn’t make sense that the code we must adhere to and live by takes years of university level education that the majority of people don’t have the opportunity to learn, to then become empowered citizens and participate in law and the systems that regulate us and our society. All laws will be deleted because they’re proven not to work. No matter how many laws that have come into place- human beings existence has not changed for the betterment of all in one iota. War, poverty, starvation, rape exist despite the laws in place that are to apparently protect us from such atrocities. If atrocities exist, we’ve got to go back to the written word, the law of our being and change it, to change how we live one and equal with our words. In an Equal Money System everyone will have an equal understanding of law, how to apply it to their daily lives and become self empowered self responsible human beings that actually care about All Life.

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