Will Coupons exist in an Equal Money System?

Coupons won’t exist in an equal money system because human beings will not be obsessed with saving money or the ‘good feelings’ when you get a ‘great deal’. Coupons support the lower class to remain lower class because the very act of using coupons state one’s self definition of ‘scraping by’, fear of having no money, saving money for when it may possibly run out, or simply satisfying one’s energetic addictions. When human beings use coupons they are stating that they have accepted their life the way it is instead of questioning the existence of coupons in itself and the system which produce coupons. When food is provided for all, for example, coupons won’t exist because human beings can no longer be manipulated by fear to buy products, or distracted by marketing in an attempt to fulfill endless desires. What we will start to see is the quality of goods and services, instead of how cheap products are or how they are marketed.

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