Is Population a Problem?

We as human beings tend to separate ourselves from ‘problems’. We say, ‘this is a problem’ or ‘that is a problem’ all the frickin time. I catch myself with this blame construct every time I have a reaction and sit down and investigate how it came to be.

Saying ‘population is a problem’ or anything else for that matter- is really an ineffective way of living, because if the problem is somewhere out there, I create myself as unable to do anything about it. I flagged this blame construct, by stating to myself- if a problem exist, the solution must exist within that problem, or the problem must indicate the solution to actually stop the consequences. If the solution doesn’t actually stop the consequences, then I am still following the same patterns and systems and thus, must do some self investigation and be self intimate with me to make a change. So, if I am unable to find a solution- I’m not at the origin point-which is always me! If i am the problem, I am also the solution, and I empower myself to actually make changes and decide how I want to live.

If I cannot find a solution- I know there is something that I am holding onto that I do not want to give up. Because if I actually wanted to stop- I would have already. Or, if the consequences of my actions have accumulated to a point where now I am experiencing them and it is unpleasant, which then exist as a motivation for me to change- self interest. Within that I would still be following the same patterns and programs of behavior that created the situation in the first place. The principle ‘do what is best for all’ is a mathematical equation that works. It can be applied by an individual and humanity as a whole with guaranteed results- if we live by that principle.

This is what I have found with the statement ‘population is the problem’. To look at myself objectively, to look at humanity objectively, stepping outside of the box, the patterns, programs and systems- because histories shown that, we are still following these programs and its not working.




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2 Responses to Is Population a Problem?

  1. Tim Nanasi says:

    I think the only problem with population is the fact that the pyramids are going to be flipping upside down and there will not be enough young people to keep the pensions going / be able to support the elderly. But maybe that’ll be a good thing in the long run.

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