Self Writing

How self writing has assisted me

I never did well in school growing up. Homework was a point I struggled with. I would usually escape assignments and homework with art. Now I am receiving top grades in my class because I write often.

Self Writing has given me confidence. Since applying self writing, I have given myself the opportunity to expand as a person, because through writing myself out and sharing myself, I have pushed my own limits and fears. I can see how I have pushed myself. I place what I experience down on paper, and when I do this, I always bring the points back to myself and see where and how I can direct myself effectively in my world. Writing has assisted me to face my own fears. And in looking back, it has become such an effective tool because say, I live a specific way all my life, and then I come to challenge that way of living with writing- I am able to make a change. Instead of going through the mental processes of justifications, reasons and excuses to not live in a way that is supportive. I see myself direct on paper, there is no hiding, there is no bullshit, its straightforward to the point.

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  1. Kasper Kwan says:

    thanks for sharing

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