health care

In class we were asked to get into groups and decide what the the government should pay for within the health care system through taxes, and what the individuals should pay for out of their own pocket. The purpose of health care is to support physical and mental health for every person. This principle is lost within the current system because it is subject to money, how much it will cost, how much we as taxpayers have to pay, what can be afforded. And in answering the question above, along with designating how much money should go towards what and defining what is more valuable for treatment than another according to what the system will provide- I cannot. I cannot come up with a solution to the health care issues we are faced within society and this world as a whole within the capitalistic system because it is limited.

There is no critical thinking in this class, were asked to simply accept what is here and ‘work with that’ instead looking outside of the box. If the system doesn’t support all aspects of health care, trash it.

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