Organ Harvesting

Since the 1980’s organ transplants has increased enormously. Due to our specialized techniques we are able to supply human body parts to an international market.. For a price. Selling organs from the living creates a society in which the lower class is exploited to serve the upper class due to the fact that not everyone has had sufficient education or money to support themselves here. Globalized capitalism creates human body parts as commodities. It create human organs as ‘products’ purchased be ‘consumers’ from countries often outside the one where the organ had been harvested. Waiting lists are long, this has created ‘transplant tourists’. The demand and profit for organs has created a black-market involcing brokers, doctors and corrupt government officials. Laws look good on paper, but when there exist profit, people will organize themselves to get money regardless of the law. The black market will target those who also want money/have little or no income/are deceived/are homeless etc.
Organ harvesting is one example of how we misplace value within money in stead of human life, where the poor, homeless and children have been exploited by a system we all participate within and thus, we are all responsible.
The solution is an Equal Money System.
Organ trading for profit that exploit the worlds vulnerable will no longer exist in EMS.

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