No Guarentee for North African Migrants

Thousands from North Africa migrate to Italy in an attempt to escape the violence and turmoil. The migrants have given up everything in order to leave their country, their homes, jobs, possessions, family etc. to set sail on over-crowded ships, some not fit for the sea or run by smugglers. Which absolutely reflect the state of urgency and desperation of the people. Italy has not been able to care for the migrants and has asked the EU to support them financially because they simply cannot cope with the amount of people and basic necessities required to support them. People have been living in makeshift tents, running out of water and food supplies. France, who’s stopped all trains from Italy, has refused to support the migrants unless they are financially able to support themselves- saying that its simply not their problem and it is Italy’s mistake for accepting them. Those from Lybia, Egypt and Tunisia will receive no support in their future, as there are already now sea and air patrols preventing further migration into Europe. Boats filled with Migrants are sent back to North Africa. There is no guaranteed safety for migrants as they are being turned away and sent back to their chaotic countries. Migrants including pregnant woman and children will continue to suffer, Support Equal Money that guarantee a dignified life for all.

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  1. Robbie Bynum says:

    Hello, I stumbled on this web site from digg. It’s not blog post I would normally read, but I loved your thoughts on it. Thank you for making an article worth reading!

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