Walking through a time loop

Within the past couple of days I have been writing with myself about fears, desires and energy. And I’m tired of repeating information to myself. I’m making a stand to stop my desires, fears and the energy that I participate within that.

I’ve been hiding. I wanted to write about philosophy and articles that I’ve come across but I always bring it back to myself and see who I am. Within philosophy, I saw that I am existing in spite. In spite of knowing that I should be here standing for Life. Within the articles, seeing my own self-interest in energy. But it all comes down to the point of change, and how I am practically going to apply what I see is unacceptable and change me within the principle of what is best for all. What is the point that is unacceptable? My desires, fears and energy addictions. How am I going to stop? through self forgiveness, corrective statements and practical application.

I love me

I accept me

I walk no matter what

I stop

I breathe

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One Response to Walking through a time loop

  1. Maya says:

    It will take time to walk through all the fears, desires as Energy because it took us years to program ourselves as we are today. thus, i suggest to work on the point of self judgment and self spite so that you would be able to look at the desires and fear with no self judgment, investigate the core point of it, stand up from within it, direct and change.
    Thanks for sharing

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