Today while I was working there was a family near my till. One of the little girls asked something about me being a girl or boy to her parents- or this is what I am guessing. Immediately the parent says SHHH! keep quiet. I found this happens often, children are often curious about me because I have no hair, or they are not sure what sex I am. What I find interesting though is the reaction of the parent, where the parent wants to hush the child. I have a memory of myself as a kid looking up at a woman while I was in the convenient store with my mom. She was very tall, and I said, ‘ you are big’. My mom reacted to this and explained to the woman that I meant she was tall. And afterwards I felt guilty and bad for saying this. But what I see about this situation is that I was innocent in making an observation, and so are other children. Yet, I see the reaction of the parents as being a judgmental one, where they in themselves have made a judgment or are in fear of what the person present and project that onto the child. In turn it creates a suppression within the child, and I could see that developing into a judgment. But in reflecting this whole scenario back to myself, I see that I fear children because they are so brutally honest, and they reflect to me my own judgments.

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One Response to Children

  1. Maya says:

    Yes, This is exactly how parents infuse separation within the children. at the moment when the mother ‘hashed’ her child, the child create a memory wherein it is not ok to express yourself within self honesty. this is where we start to suppress ourselves and develop the back chat that we carry on for years later.

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