Backchat Diary as Support

The past couple of days I was feeling drained, lethargic and a little sick because I had been reacting to myself in what I perceived was separate from me. Throughout my experience with the desteni material many reactions would come up within me in specific words, articles, videos and blogs. Yesterday I had a cool physical indication which was my left eye swelling so I stopped and started to write down my reactions honestly. This supported me immensely because I was then able to differentiate and see for myself what was my mind and what is me. Reactions can be supportive if I bring what I react to back to me instead of only seeing myself through my reactions and judgements. And I see that it is more often than not that I don’t actually understand things that come up within me. That is why keeping a BackChat Diary is very supportive in that I am placing down points and start to see a pattern. The Backchat diary is much like the second ITD assignment, and I see that I hadnt kept up with that self writing and only writing on my blog. Im going to continue with the backchat diary because it supports me in stability.

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