A couple days ago I was looking at the word vulnerability and how I have defined it. My definition of vulnerability was placing trust within another in allowing oneself to share what exist within as a weakness, inferiority, mistakes etc. What I saw about the definition I have of this word is that, in allowing self to share what exist within oneself as either inferiority, weaknesses or mistakes- in that we actually justify who we are as that by only sharing and continuing to accept and allow self to exist in such a way. In sharing self as a point of vulnerability one actually confirms and supports the existence of self dishonesty as holding onto memories, beliefs, ideas and perceptions of self to remain within that dishonesty without actually changing. The consequence in doing so is having to actually see and experience the abuse that one has accepted and allowed within ones world and it is completely unnecessary and not what is best for all. Vulnerability is not placing trust within others, Vulnerability is not sharing what exist within self as a point of “weakness” and in that continue to exist within that point and continuously confirm that to self through creating trust relationships outside of self, Vulnerability is not the acceptance and allowance of abuse hidden behind the fear of abuse, Vulnerability is not accepting and allowing self to exist within dishonesty and thus accept and allow the current state of this world- Vulnerability is living without memory.

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2 Responses to Vulnerability

  1. tullepie says:

    That’s one hell of a definition of Vulnerability, Sally – thanks!

  2. SMS says:

    Remarkable writing. I’ve been reading online articles for quite long time but to tell the truth I never got something really interesting to read out similar to this one.And yes i have digg your site

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