School Decisions

An opportunity has opened up for me to go to university. Id like to go next September. I always expected that I would go to school for fine art, everyone always told me to go for art and seem disappointed if I didnt. If i desired to go to art school, I would have done it already. Im not saying I wouldn’t enjoy it.. I would immensely. I have been confused for some time in where to direct myself in education… do I stick with what Im good at? I wouldn’t enjoy any job that doesn’t support me in bringing about and equal money system… or being able to place money towards an equal money system- that’s all that matters. If I could make good money doing art that would be cool- but i actually desire to place myself within the system. I want to study politics, law, psychology, economics. Actually, there is no confusion here, Im not going to school for art Im going to school for any of the above listed.

I have to upgrade 2 credits to a university level to be accepted. I already have the correspondents courses but I haven’t submitted any assignments. Im going to work my ass off and get in school next year.

I always liked psychology.. im sure I can take 1 course as a major and then other ones as a minor.. im not exactly sure how all that works yet.

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