Awareness in SF

So I am continuing with the thought construct I started yesterday. I always applied self forgiveness as: I forgive myself I have accepted and allowed myself, i noticed that In the examples provided the forgiveness is stated: I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself. I started writing the one suggested in the material, and I saw that i began to write it the new way, but was still writing the words accepted and allowed, instead of accepting and allowing. I see that I wasnt completely aware in the moment while typing the self forgiveness, which is cool, bringing awareness back into writing self forgiveness. The point I wanted to speak about was the difference between the two, where- I forgive myself i have accepted and allowed myself is more of a past tense statement, not taking responsibility for this moment, as I see it. Its important to me to be very specific in writing SF, in taking responsibility for me in this moment because all that ever existed in the past is here right now.

This morning I woke up and felt like shit for posting yesterday. There were points of dishonesty I saw the moment after I published it, i do not remember what those were. note to self to write down these points that come up.

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One Response to Awareness in SF

  1. alexvossen says:

    Really cool realization in where you noticed that you weren’t completely aware in writing self-forgiveness. I picked that out too in your writing where in some lines you were like “I forgive myself for accepted and allowed…” and until I read this post I was kind of like huh? but now I understand where you were coming from. Thanks for sharing how you noticed the differences in the tense of the verbs where writing in the present tense is taking responsibility for the now. I noticed when looking back at my own writing that I had always written self-forgiveness in the past tense, which is essentially not taking responsibility.

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