so i decided to write what i eat everyday to monitor this and make sure that i am eating and eating well. my food consumptionis a clear indication of where i am in process that reflect stability. i have not yet built self trust in myself to do what is best for me and what is best for all so i am here writing in my blog to start to develop self trust by utilizing my blog because it assists me in following through what i start.

I can see how writing everyday assists me in recognizing patterns of behaviour and reactions. at work i write a note here and there about what im experiencing at the moment- last night i took a look at all of these notes and compiled them to see more clearly an issue that is coming up often. its interesting.. a couple of days ago i was assisting a friend with writing and essay. i found that she was doing all of ther preparation/arguments/thoughts of what to write within her mind. i dont find this way of working on essays supportive because once you get to the writing stage you have to remember all of that and it doesnt turn out the way one would like. i suggested to write down everything that comes up as to why she is for or against a certain argument  in point form so that when she comes to forming sentances and the essay itself she will have more to work with. In this example it shows me that writing about myself constantly and continuously will assist me in putting all of the peices together to know what i am doing/how i work/how a point unfolds itself in my living- instead of only experiencing the point without any understanding in how it came to be or what it actually reflects. In knowing myself and what my actions/reactions reflect i am more able to direct the point to equality and what is best for all.

Food Log:

Jan 11th 2010

tea, 2 eggs, 2 peices of rye toast, grapes, 1 coffee, bagel with cream cheese, 4 carrots, 3 peices of chocolate, can of oysters, 2 apricots.

Jan 12th

cheese and crackers, grapes, granola bar, cherry cheese danish, 1 coffee, 2 teas, 2 eggs and 2 rye toast, 1 apricot.

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